Strategic Business Advice

MLG provides strategic business advice for our clients to stay ahead of the competition.  We start by performing a business risk audit to identify behavior that could cause a company to fail.  At the same time we work with our clients to structure effective solutions that meet their business goals.  We work as a team with our clients to make their businesses successful while engaging in best practices.

We are able to…

  • create departments  such as legal, risk, compliance, internal audit, vendor management, customer support, training;
  • write and implement corporate and departmental strategic plans;
  • advise on laws, rules and regulations and implement them in an operational context;
  • write and implement policies and procedures;
  • conduct enterprise and departmental risk assessments;
  • provide technology support for business and administrative departments to work more efficiently;
  • create a pre-approved network of outside counsel on specialized matters.


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