We put you ahead of the competition by identifying and minimizing risk.  The legal services we provide have historically been accessible only to large companies that have big legal budgets.  We do not stand in the way of your business but we set out to help you meet your business goals.  We work with your team as a partner to achieve their goals.  Our value-driven philosophy makes us efficient.  We call this innovative lawyering and think it is the best approach. 



Kristina Maritczak has 22 years of combined in-house and outside counsel experience.  She has served as the General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer for a closely-held company, worked as a senior lawyer for a publicly traded company, large law firm, non-profit organization, an assistant prosecutor, and played different roles in government. Through her leadership roles she has learned the importance of understanding an organization’s needs and working as a partner with the business as well as a team.

Kristina has had experience with representing a professional athletic organization, professional athletes, a famous female vocalist, and high-profile organizations and individuals. She is no stranger to starting and running a legal organization.  She has worked with staff having a variety of experiences and has listened and understood the importance of meeting their needs while leading a successful internal organization and achieving her client’s goals.

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