Employment Services

MLG assists employers in a number of ways with employee-related issues.

MLG conducts investigations involving employment-related claims for businesses. We conduct these investigations with a sensitivity to their impact on employees and the company’s operations. We work with executive management, human resources, the legal department, and enterprise risk management to address a responsive strategy to the investigative findings.

We understand that companies may have their own employment counsel with whom they work regularly. We are prepared to work with outside lawyers in investigating employee claims to avoid conflict of interest issues. We are experienced fact-finders and can efficiently author relevant reports and provide our understanding of the situation at issue.

MLG is also able to assist in establishing a Human Resources Department or advise the Human Resources Department on employee-related issues. We can write an Employee Handbook or other policies and procedures.

MLG is able to assist employers with the following:

  • Independent investigations of whistleblower, harassment and discrimination complaints;
  • EEOC and state agency claims;
  • Whistleblower claims arising under federal and state Whistleblower Protection Acts;
  • Whistleblower claims;
  • Wrongful discharge claims;
  • Theft of trade secrets issues;
  • Non-compete issues;
  • Severance agreements;
  • Breach of contract claims;
  • Writing Employee Handbooks or other policies and procedures;
  • Building a Human Resources Department;
  • Advising Human Resources on employee-related issues.

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