Fraud Investigations

MLG conducts fraud investigations with the assistance of a national network of private investigators, forensic accountants, and forensic computer experts.

We have experience in conducting independent fraud investigations involving potential criminal and civil violations by corporate officers, employees, and/or third party vendors. We guide corporations through the process of a regulatory, civil and/or criminal enforcement action.

MLG counsels organizations, directors and/or officers that have discovered or suspect that employees or executives have engaged in criminal acts. In this context, we work with in-house counsel, enterprise risk management, internal audit, and/or loss prevention to investigate conduct and develop strategic responses.

MLG provides the following services:

  • Conduct internal investigations at the direction of HR or legal counsel;
  • Develop processes for internal controls to address systemic failures;
  • Initiate litigation/recovery strategies with an eye towards criminal and civil recourse;
  • Respond to subpoenas and search warrants;
  • Establish or improve compliance programs to minimize legal risk;
  • Task and direct national and international network of private investigators, forensic accountants and forensic computer experts.

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