General/ In-House Counsel

MLG helps businesses take a proactive approach in managing your risks.  We believe that learning the goals of the business and understanding how the business operates are the keys to success.  We recognize the importance of open communication and teamwork in leading a department that meets the company’s goals.  We have the experience of knowing how legal departments function and the most important aspects of running a successful department.  As a result, we tailor our services to meet our client’s specific needs and expectations.

We provide the following services:

  • Serve as general counsel or in-house counsel for companies who do not have internal legal staff;
  • Work with in-house legal departments to address a range of issues when managing a business;
  • Work with outside counsel on investigations and identified projects;
  • Build internal departments to meet the needs of growing companies;
  • Conduct investigations of employment complaints or fraudulent conduct;
  • Develop Human Resources policies and procedures;
  • Write policies and procedures for the functioning of various business units;
  • Assist with developing corporate-wide or departmental strategic plans;
  • Conduct enterprise-wide and departmental risk assessments;
  • Identify solutions for operational gaps;
  • Locate and implement relevant technologies for the effective operations of business units;
  • Advise on regulatory compliance issues;
  • Develop best practices regarding marketing and advertising compliance;
  • Create a contract repository;
  • Create a vendor management program.

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